Top 5 mistakes online marketers make as beginners

Top 5 mistakes online marketers make as beginners

Top 5 mistakes online marketers make as beginners

Not working with a specific niche!!

It’s very important to know your offer and the people you want to help. For example if you are into affiliate marketing you have to know if you are selling high ticket or low ticket offers. Basically you have to get really clear on who your target audience is.

Picking the wrong product to sell

This is not just about passion. It’s also about knowing whether you want to sell for example a keto product that is $20 or a keto product that is $300-$1500. This will all come down to your goals and how much time you have, because if you want to make $10000 a month and you are selling a product that is $20 you would need to sell 500 products vs when selling a $300 product you would then need to sell only 32 products.

Not building a list via an email auto responder or a facebook private group
Not producing content the right way

We have learnt the importance of producing good and relevant content for your audience not just fluff or posting for the sake of it or the worst case scenario hiding behind motivational quotes.

It is also important to pick the right social media platform 1 or 2 that you will be consistent on and master.

Not following up with your leads

We all know that the fortune is in the follow up sometimes you get a no today but later it could turn into a yes. So keep following up and sharing content with your leads.

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