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We've developed our design process over the last 10 years as a result of experience and invaluable opportunities to work with organizations of all shapes and sizes in practically every industry imaginable.

Dsignr Digital - Website Care Plans services in Rosebank, South Africa

Website Care Plans

We'll take care of your website so you have one less thing to worry about and so you can focus on running your business.

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Dsignr Digital - Online Learning Platform services in Rosebank, South Africa

Online Learning Platform

We offer top-notch online Learning Management Systems (LMS) and a seasoned e-Learning Management service to make sure your online training goes off without a hitch. This covers management and support for learners, administrative training, webinar support, hosting for online courses, and an online store for purchasing and consuming your content.

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Dsignr Digital - Web Development services in Rosebank, South Africa

Web Development

Our web development team has the knowledge to create and construct highly optimized, functional websites, whether you need a custom content management system or a hand-crafted WordPress website.

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Dsignr Digital - Logo Design services in Rosebank, South Africa

Logo Design

As a result of our tried-and-true creative logo design approach, we are able to offer on-time and on-budget bespoke logo design and branding for our clients.

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Dsignr Digital - Graphic Design services in Rosebank, South Africa

Graphic Design

For websites, branding, and print products, we offer beautiful hand-made professional graphic design. Since 2010, our graphic designers have infused their expertise into every design job in order to help our clients achieve their goals and achieve their potential.

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Dsignr Digital - Brand Identity services in Rosebank, South Africa

Brand Identity

Our branding professionals will help your brand stand out from the crowd, from unique logo creation to branded pitch decks and marketing brochures.

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Dsignr Digital - Email Marketing services in Rosebank, South Africa

Email Marketing

Email marketing is nearly three times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in terms of customer acquisition. The average transaction created by email is 17% greater than purchases made by social media networks; it is also a terrific approach to visit your clients on a daily basis.

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Dsignr Digital - Search Engine Optimisation services in Rosebank, South Africa

Search Engine Optimisation

We take care of on-site SEO and best practices right away to ensure that your website is optimized for maximum exposure to search engines.

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Dsignr Digital - Social Media Marketing services in Rosebank, South Africa

Social Media Marketing

As a business, you are often looking for new ways to get your company’s brand in front of your potential customers. If you are not already using it, social media in business is a great way to engage with current customers as well as attract new ones.

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Dsignr Digital - Web Design services in Rosebank, South Africa

Web Design

Responsive web design that adapts to the user's behavior and the digital environment, providing a seamless browsing experience across all of today's typical devices.

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Dsignr Digital - eCommerce Website Design services in Rosebank, South Africa

eCommerce Website Design

A decade of experience in transactional website design and development allow us to create custom user interface and user experience designs for e-commerce websites.

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