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We offer top-notch online Learning Management Systems (LMS) and a seasoned e-Learning Management service to make sure your online training goes off without a hitch. This covers management and support for learners, administrative training, webinar support, hosting for online courses, and an online store for purchasing and consuming your content.

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In order online learning to be successful, it needs be actively managed.

Our LMS solutions are user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and relatively affordable. They include a variety of features, such as detailed graphical reporting, gamification, social learning, in-system content generation, and superior administration capabilities.

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Integrated Webinar Service

Webinars are an excellent approach to conduct face-to-face training and blended learning, as well as host conversations and run coaching sessions with a large audience spread over several locations. We link this with our Learning Management services, giving you all the training and support you'll need before, during, and after each session for a truly professional experience.

E-Commerce Integration

This service is for you if you wish to sell your courses online. This is more than simply a piece of software. We'll assist you with branding and content, as well as linking it to your website and payment gateway. You can also get into a joint reseller agreement with us, in which we will assist you in marketing and selling your courses.

Immersive Learning Experience

Create a learning experience, not simply a course, that is a natural extension of you and your business. Your students will learn more, and you will look good doing it!

Drip-Feed Content

Deliver content automatically according to a specified schedule, at the precise time when your students should get it. Add an e-mail notice to be issued at the same time.

Engagement Triggers

Interact with students depending on their behaviors (or lack thereof) in your classes. Do you have any students that are falling behind? There's also an engagement trigger for them!

Robust User Management

Create learner groups (and sub-groups inside those groups), assign learners to membership levels, bulk-enroll a subset of learners in multiple courses, withdraw course access automatically, and more!

Extend your capabilities to existing platforms

Don't restrict your imagination. Connect to the resources you already know and love to build a really one-of-a-kind learning platform!

Powerful online learning management system for your content

01Focus Mode

Your very own customized learning platform provides learners with a distraction-free environment.

02Advanced Quizzing

Eight question types ( Single choice, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey), custom messages, question banks

03Flexible Prerequisites

Set prerequisites for access to courses, lessons, and tests.

04Discussion Forums

Encourage dialogue among students by including course-specific discussion boards.

05Course Points

As students finish classes, they earn points that may be used to access more content.


Learners who achieve the highest marks on quizzes in your courses should be recognized and shown.


Require assignment submissions before moving on to the next lesson.

08One-Time Purchases

Simply specify a price for your course, and it will be available for purchase.

Dsignr Digital Powerful online learning management system for your content

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